All families in SCSD may order lunches from our school lunch vendor, Choicelunch,  using the ordering site LunchIsServed.  Please go to the LunchIsServed site to set up your account. Even if you don’t plan on ordering lunch for your child(ren) right away, it’s best to have an account registered for every child in case they ever forget a lunch or need an extra lunch for any reason. You can choose to load money onto the account when you’re ready to place your orders.

The San Carlos School District (SCSD) participates in the National School Lunch Program. At all SCSD schools, all students are offered nutritious meals every school day. You may qualify for these meals for a free or a reduced rate ($0.40 per lunch).  The meal programs we participate in are supported by federal and state reimbursements that are based on household income and eligibility. We are able to serve free and reduced price meals because households continue to submit meal applications. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. You or your children do not have to be U.S. citizens to qualify for free meals.

If you are interested in applying for free or reduced price meals,  you may click the link below for more information.

Information on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Please contact Lisa Ceragioli if you need instructions on how to pre-load your Lunch Is Served account with funds if you qualify for free or reduced price meals.

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Healthy Celebrations in the Schools

To see some alternative ideas to using food as a rewards or for some healthy celebration ideas in the schools, please take a look at these list of ideas: