Currently, SCSD is a Preschool-8th grade school district with seven schools including four elementary schools, one upper elementary school, two grade 5-8 middle schools and one K-8 charter school.  Currently, all elementary schools have on-site preschools and Transitional Kindergarten .  In addition to these current eight schools, the district is designing and building another new “bridge” schools to serve grades 4-5.  Another bridge school is anticipated to open for 2019-2020 school year on the Tierra Linda/Charter Learning Center campus.  For more information about plans to re-design our new schools, please go to Facilities Master Plan.

Elementary Schools (PK-3rd)

Arundel School (PK – 4 – Will be a PK-3 in 2018-2019 school year)
200 Arundel Road
(650) 508-7311
Principal: Ray Dawley
Administrative Assistant: Jeanne Bartkowiak
Brittan Acres School (PK – 3)
2000 Belle Ave.
(650) 508-7307
Principal: John Triska
Administrative Assistant: Dianne Mack
Heather School (PK – 4 – Will be a PK-3 in 2018-2019 school year)
2757 Melendy Dr.
(650) 508-7303
Principal: Pamela Jasso
Administrative Assistant: Karen Sanchez
Heather SPSA Plan
White Oaks School (PK – 3)
1901 White Oaks Way
(650) 508-7317
Principal: Allison Liner
Administrative Assistant: Teresa Williams


Upper Elementary Schools (4th – 5th)

Arroyo School
1710 Arroyo Avenue
(650) 632-8300
Principal: Marie Crawford
Administrative Assistant: Tracey Olazar
Mariposa School (Anticipated opened in Fall 2019)
750 Dartmouth Ave.
Principal: John Triska
Central Middle School (6th-8th)
757 Cedar Street
(650) 508-7321
Principal: Tom Domer
Assistant Principal: Mindy Shelton
Administrative Assistant: Vickie Gamez
Tierra Linda Middle School (5th-8th – Will be 6th-8th in 2019-2020)

750 Dartmouth Ave.
(650) 508-7370
Principal: Steven Kaufman
Assistant Principal: Jessica Blumen
Administrative Assistant: Cori Carpenter

Charter Schools (K-8th)

San Carlos Charter Learning Center
750 Dartmouth Ave.
(650) 508-7343
Director: Stacy Emory
Coordinator of Operations: Quinta Ekong