Did you know that the San Carlos School District depends on a variety of sources to ensure that our children receive a quality education? State funding alone does not provide sufficient funds for a well-rounded education. In fact, San Carlos ranks towards the bottom in per-student funding. Your support of the San Carlos Education Foundation & your school’s PTA is critical to ensuring that our children’s academic, social, and emotional needs are met.
How San Carlos schools are funded, and how SCEF helps bridge the gap.
Your donations to these important parent-led organizations provide the following programs:
  • classroom teachers to manage class size growth (K -3)
  • music and art programs
  • library services and books
  • performing arts & elective opportunities in middle school
  • counselors
  • field trips & assemblies
  • campus beautification
  • community building events for our students & families
  • and much, much more…


These opportunities simply do not exist today in most public schools in California. We are fortunate that in San Carlos, our children have access to these programs.

Donate to the San Carlos Education Foundation and join your school’s PTA today.