Illuminate Home Connect Portal


Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 school year. We are excited to introduce a new way for you to actively engage in your child’s education. In an effort to continually improve our school communication and practices, San Carlos School District has implemented a new online data system called Illuminate. This means that we will switch from the PowerSchool Parent Portal to the Illuminate Home Connect. This system allows parents to access their student’s grades, assignments and test progress. It will also allow for improved communication between teachers and parents (this feature will be available shortly after the roll out of the Home Connect Portal.) Teachers will be inputting information into the system and you will be able to view the results for your student. We hope the Home Connect Portal will provide a unique connection between the home and school environment and create even greater success for your student’s achievement.

An additional benefit to parents with multiple children attending SCSD schools is the need to only create one account to view each child’s profile. At present, we are only implementing the parent portal for middle school students; but you may still see your elementary school children with minimal data.

To log into your account go to

Attached are four PDF files providing how to login, navigate and communicate using the Illuminate Parent Portal.  You may email us at if you have any questions or need help with the program.