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SCEF and PTA: Our Partners


Maintaining the high standards for education we expect for our students is a community effort.

San Carlos is fortunate to have the San Carlos Education Foundation and school site PTA organizations that are dedicated to providing support for our schools in distinct but complementary ways.  SCEF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit parent-led fundraising organization which grants over $3 million annually to our public schools, ensuring a well-rounded education for our students.  PTAs are school-specific parent and teacher organizations focusing on community building, site needs and education advocacy.



The San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) is the primary fundraising organization for the San Carlos School District raising over $3 million each year. SCEF helps the San Carlos School District provide a well-rounded public education for all students. It works in partnership with parents and the community to support innovative and core programs that are vital to an exceptional education.  SCEF provides approximately 6% of the School District budget to help address the funding gap that exists between what the state provides and the actual cost of providing a robust education to our children.  The state only provides 75% of the cost to educate our students in San Carlos.  The other 19% comes from parcel taxes, grants, and income producing programs like pre-school and afterschool programs.

What Does SCEF Fund?

Donations to SCEF benefit every child, every day in every classroom which ensures parity among the district schools, fosters solidarity throughout the San Carlos community, and encourages generous donations for the benefit of all San Carlos schools.  This year SCEF grants will support social-emotional programs and counselors, elementary music and pe, technology associates, chromebooks and Ipads, middle school electives including band and orchestra, librarians,  and teacher professional development.

Donations to SCEF will also support school PTAs providing them with a budget to provide school supplies and materials, assemblies, community building events and activities to enhance school climate and culture.

How are Funds Raised?

Through our Annual Fund appeal for direct donations, workplace giving/employer matches, donations of stock or monthly recurring donations. We also seek business sponsorships, hold fundraising activities and events including online auctions. SCEF raises funds in the current school year to support programs in the following school year. This allows the School District to include the SCEF grant in its annual budget planning. While we raise funds from July 1 to June 30 each year, by giving earlier in the year, donors enable SCEF to provide the District with better grant estimates on which it can develop its annual school district budget. By establishing SCEF as the primary fundraising organization for the district it allows coordinated and unified district-wide fundraising.

Learn More About SCEF - https://www.scefkids.org/



Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) are non-profit organizations that advocate for children, build community for families and provide volunteer support and activities at each school. The PTAs at our elementary schools and middle schools fund critical site-specific needs.

San Carlos PTAs work with school Principals to support many site-specific programs. PTA’s use their allocation from SCEF to fund teacher grants, school supplies, library books, student assemblies and emergency preparation, coordinate assemblies, community events, art programs, and school celebrations to enhance and enrich the school day. PTAs also advocate at the state level for stronger public schools.

Join your and volunteer on campus! Parent engagement is key to student success.

Your donation to the San Carlos Education Foundation supports these and other school activities.


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