Meet Your Counseling & Mental Health Team!

Our School Counselors provide 1:1 and small group counseling short-term support to students.  Additionally, counselors support our Social Emotional Learning, and provide resources and consultations to caregivers.
Sam is the counselor at Arundel and Heather Elementary Schools.
Kim is the counselor at White Oaks and Brittan Acres Elementary Schools.
Julie is the counselor at Arroyo Upper Elementary and Central Middle Schools.
Vivian is the counselor at Mariposa Upper Elementary and Tierra Linda Middle Schools.
Learn more about the Elementary School Counselors here!
School Psychologists provide social, emotional and behavioral support to students as needed.  They also conduct assessments for students to see if they meet eligibility criteria to qualify for Special Education.
Arundel Elementary and Mariposa Upper Elementary Schools
White Oaks Elementary and Tierra Linda Middle Schools
Arroyo Upper Elementary and Central Middle Schools
Heather Elementary School
Brittan Acres and Heather Elementary Schools, and LEAP
*Bi-Lingual Spanish and English*
The Mental Health Associates work with our schools through a partnership with One Life Counseling, and they are overseen by our fantastic Mental Health Lead, Kiersten Daniel Baca.
Heather & White Oaks Elementary School
Central Middle School
Arroyo Upper Elementary School
Arundel Elementary School
Tierra Linda Middle School
Mariposa Upper Elementary & Tierra Linda Middle Schools
Brittan Acres Elementary School
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I access additional support for the social emotional needs of my child? You can contact your student's teacher to help connect your student to a counselor for 1:1 support, or group support.  Additionally, you can directly refer your student to the counselor by reaching out to the School Counselor above.  The School Counselor is the first point of contact, and sometimes additional team members will be brought in to help support.
  • What happens when my student meets with a counselor, psychologist, or mental health associate? Every student's session and experience is different.  Some students need long term support, others need one check in meeting.  Some want to talk about friendship issues, others are sharing about their experience of depression.  No matter what brings your student to counseling, they will have space to share what's going on for them.  Outside parties will be brought in if a student reports wanting to harm themselves, someone else, or if someone wants to harm them.
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