Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a countywide program offered by the San Mateo County Office of Education. The goal of the program is to encourage and enable school children to walk and roll to school by implementing projects and activities that improve health, well-being, and safety of children and result in less traffic congestions and emissions caused be school-related travel. If you have any concerns while commuting to and from school please refer to the SRTS Feedback Form. While we may not be able to solve all the transportation related problems, your feedback helps us understand the needs of our community and communicate them to the right organization.

Walking & Rolling

Always walk with a parent or buddy Always wear a helmet when biking, scooting, or skating
Be alert. Look left, right, and left again before crossing an intersection Make sure your helmet fits properly
Cross at corners or marked crosswalks Obey all stop signs and yield to pedestrians
Use pedestrian flags correctly When riding on the street, ride in the same direction as traffic
Use eye contact and hand signals to communicate with drivers When riding on the sidewalk, ride slowly and watch out for pedestrians
Follow directions from crossing guards Make eye contact and hand signals to communicated with drivers
Use sidewalks when available  


Pedestrian Route Maps for Each School

Please select a school below for your school's Safe Routes to School (SR2S) preferred route map.



Regional bus services offer a great way for students to commute to and from school. Refer to the route maps and timetables below to find which bus is best for you. Learn more about the options for students to take the SamTrans from your neighborhood to school and back! Visit the SamTrans site for fares and information, and to see the schedules and maps for these San Carlos buses Route 61 | Route 95.  For more information regarding fares and rules, refer to the SamTrans Website


Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program Bus Transportation Schedule
Pick up locations and times:
McNair Boys & Girls Club - 7:05 AM
Cesar Chavez School - 7:15 AM
Belle Haven School - 7:25 AM
Drop off locations and times:
McNair Boys & Girls Club - 2:00 PM
Cesar Chavez School - 2:10 PM
Belle Haven School - 2:20 PM
Bus Rules of Conduct
All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner, so that every student has access to safe travel by bus. This includes public transportation. Please review these rules of conduct with your student before allowing them to use the bus. Click here for the bus rules.
Idle Free San Carlos

This year the district is supporting the San Carlos Idle Free Campaign. This campaign encourages drivers to turn off their vehicles when not in motion or waiting to pick someone up. It has been found that congested cars idling create large amounts of CO2 emissions which causes difficulty breathing, aggravated asthma, decreased lung function and other cardiovascular problems. Therefore, to improve air quality around our schools please consider turning off your car if stopping for more than 10 seconds.


 Special Events

Keep your eye out for International Walk and Roll to School Day in early October and May. There are prizes and celebrations for those who are able to arrive at school in any method other than a single-occupancy vehicle. Check your school newsletters for details and join in the fun.