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School Board Responsibilities


Board Trustees perform a number of major responsibilities, including:

  • Setting direction and priorities for the school district
  • Establishing an effective and efficient district structure, including the hiring and evaluation of the Superintendent
  • Overseeing the development and adoption of district policies
  • Providing fiscal oversight and ensuring fiscal and academic accountability
  • Providing community leadership as advocates for children and the school district

It is important to note that authority is granted to the School Board as a whole, not each member individually. Therefore, board members fulfill these responsibilities by working together as a governance team with the superintendent to make decisions that will best serve all the students in the community. There is one board member who acts as President and chairs the Board Meetings. By tradition in San Carlos, this role usually rotates among Board members each calendar year.

If you are interested in running for a School Board position, you are encouraged to contact any of the existing Board Members or the Superintendent to learn more.  

For more information on the role of a school board, click here to see a summary from the California School Board Association.