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There is no single measure that tells the complete story of a student’s, a school’s, or a district’s, performance. The District, therefore, is committed to developing multiple measures to monitor and support the continuous improvement. We strive to engage our staff and community in data analysis, the identification of areas of need, and proposing steps for improvement.

Building this holistic performance measurement system is guided by the following principles as articulated in District Strategic Plan.


  • Solicit student input regarding their experience in 21st Century Learning environments and Whole Child development
  • Create portfolios of Authentic Assessments, including but not limited to standardized testing information & selected exemplary work products subject to longitudinal review
  • Establish exit criteria for 3rd, 5th and 8th grade and review achievements of students against the criteria
  • Review student data using integrated and comprehensive tools and undertake longitudinal review of student work and exhibits in an electronic and/or physical portfolio format


  • Survey staff, summarize findings, and implement action plans regarding personalized professional learning, curriculum, teaching and learning environment, health and wellness, etc.
  • Establish and annually review processes for evaluation, training, mentoring, and coaching
  • Create measures of progress in collaboration and Authentic Assessments
  • Solicit parent input, report findings, and create action plans regarding student experience, growth and whole child well-being and understanding of 21st Century Learning practices
  • Explore, establish and evaluate community relationships and partnerships with non-profit organizations, industry, local businesses as well as state and federal governmental agencies