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There are many educational apps out there and it can be difficult to know which apps are most educationally sound.  Here is a short list of   Math and Science Apps to get you started.  We believe these are well suited for tablet computing. Please check back periodically as we will be adding to this list.

Math Apps

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

Your fish is hungry – hungry for numbers! This addition and subtraction game has instant addition: touch two numbers together to instantly add. Most addition games teach in the form 3 + 4 = __; Hungry Fish challenges players to find different ways to make a 7 (1+6, 2+5, 3+2+2, etc.).

Motion Math HD
Motion Math helps learners estimate four forms of fractions: numerator over denominator (1/2), percents (50%), decimals (.5), and pie charts. Perceiving fractions quickly and accurately is needed for advanced math success.

Science Apps

The Elements: A Visual Exploration
The Elements lets you experience the beauty and fascination of the building blocks of our universe in a way you’ve never seen before. As well as Touch Press’ visually rich interactive title for iPad, The Elements is available as a beautiful printed book.

Frog Dissection
The Frog Dissection App is an ethical and educative alternative to live animal dissections.

Here is a favorite eBook that captures the possibilities of where textbooks are going:
E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth

Common Core Web-based Mathematics Resources

Inside Mathematics
Problems of the Month and More

Kansas Flip Books
Useful display of Common Core Standards

Common Core Conversations
Dozens of useful links to Math resources (Khan Academy first on the list)

Dan Meyers Three-Act Math
Video-based math challenges

Common Core Resources for English/Language Arts

The CCCOE Digital Common Core Resource Tool

Typing Resources

Generic Login:
District Login:

Programming resources

Web based object oriented programming language from the MIT Media Lab

An innovative programming environment to support the creation of 3D animations developed at Carnegie Mellon University

An iOS App for young programmers

Daisy the Dinosaur
An iOS App for even younger  programmers

Recommended Miscellaneous iOS Apps

Wuzzit Trouble

Kick Box

Bad Seed

Dragon Box

Critter Corral


BrainPOP Jr.

The Room

Math Motion Zoom

Monster Physics

Stack the Countries

Stack the States