Teacher and Staff Resources

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Advanced Sports Performance (505 Quarry Rd, San Carlos) offers discounted memberships of 20% off all Unlimited and 3x/week memberships.
King's Camp and Fitness (1100 Industrial Rd Suite 13, San Carlos) offers an educator discount.
Studio K-Fit (3708 Florence St, Redwood City) offers First month = 20% off, Ongoing membership till end of 2022= 10% off.
Homegrown AthletX (551 Taylor Way Unit 5, San Carlos) (be aware that without crossfit experience you have to go through fundamental training) offers:
-$150/month – no contract
-$140/month 6-month contract (monthly payment), $135/month 6-month contract (up-front payment, $810)
-$135/month 12-month contract (monthly payment), $130/month 12-month contract (up-front payment, $1560)
Alkalign Studios (249 1st St, Los Altos) offers 20% off for on-demand, livestream and in-person classes- use code educator20 to get discount.
Fit4Mom (319 Emerald Ave, San Carlos) offers a discount.
  • Find a peer to walk with at lunch/ whenever you get a few free moments each day.  This will help to reset your mind and body, and fresh air is always the best medicine!
  • Put some essential oils in your mask to help you have calming or energizing scents surrounding you throughout the day.
  • On that note, be sure to extra-hydrate.  It was always important to drink lots of water, and when you're teaching and working with masks on all day, we must be super-duper hydraters.
  • Notice your breath.  It is so cliche, however it's stated so often because it's effective.  When you notice your mind is busy, and your body is tense, fill your nose up with air, feel your belly expand, and slowly blow it out your mouth.  You can do this whilst writing emails, talking to students, standing up in front of a class.
  • Please reference this list of strategies for overwhelm for additional ideas.