The San Carlos School District started the Special Education District Advisory Council (SEDAC) comprised of teachers, administration and staff as well as of parent representatives from each site including our LEAP preschool. The SEDAC shares ideas, attitudes, opinions and issues related to students in special education and provides input to SCSD on matters related to educational programs, policies, and procedures relating to the education of the students with special needs. The SEDAC establishes and maintains intra-district communication and encourages the sharing of needs, accomplishments and activities in order to support quality programs and services .

SEDAC holds meetings every other month, that generally include a feature speaker or presentation, which in turn fosters sharing of best practices among Special Education Representatives across all campuses in the district.

San Carlos’ Ability Awareness Week (AAW) was launched in March 2016 to help our students with learning differences and developmental differences be better understood and accepted by others on campus. In addition, SEDAC and SCSD staff wanted students to learn about others challenges and unique abilities, promote acceptance of all, and encourage friendships through inclusion, so all children feel part of the community. Ability Awareness Week aims to promote understanding, acceptance and appreciation of individual learning and ability differences through fun, experiential activities.

Those wishing for more information regarding SEDAC or AAW, please see the SEDAC information flyer.