Universal Pre-Kindergarten & Extended Learning Opportunity Program

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Vision
The San Carlos School District vision for UPK builds on and links our well-established pre-school programming provided to San Carlos 3-4 year olds for the past 11 years. SCSD’s vision is to provide a developmentally appropriate early learning environment for the youngest learners in our district and create a seamless P-3 alignment for our students. SCSD has a goal to close achievement and opportunity gaps and plans to leverage UPK as an important strategy to meeting that goal.
Universal Pre-Kindergarten and Expanded Learning Opportunities Program
On June 16, 2022 Director Sue Dawley and Principal Leah Scholer provided an update on the planning for implementation of Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) in SCSD with a focus on UTK in 2022-23. In December, the board was updated on the SCSD response to the California initiative to provide Transitional Kindergarten to all 4-year-olds by 2024-25. The SCSD plan begins with the addition of one TK classroom in 22-23, but builds up to 34 classrooms per school at full implementation. SCSD has a strong Preschool program and TK-3 programs and we are very excited about the expansion. Read more on our UPK Planning and Learning Grant.
The SCSD Extended Learning Opportunities Program provides activities that support the whole child, and students’ Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and development. “Expanded learning” means before school, after school, summer, or intersession learning programs that focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of pupils through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. Expanded learning programs are pupil-centered, results-driven, include community partners, and complement, but do not replicate, learning activities in the regular school day and school year. Read more about our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan.