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Technology Services


Technology Department
The San Carlos School District Technology Department provides innovative and accessible technology in computing, media and telephone services to enable the students, parents, and staff of SCSD to effectively meet their goals as a learning community. The Technology Department works collaboratively with other SCSD departments to provide technological leadership which emphasizes empowerment of the individual through the use of technology.

Technology Plan
The Governing Board approved the San Carlos School District Technology Plan for 2016–2018 and the accompanying TK-8 Technology Skills Scope and Sequence, at the March 24, 2016 Board Meeting. 

Tech Support
Please contact the Technology Department for:

  • Data/Voice/Video Networks
  • District Communications
  • Student and Staff Account Management
  • Hardware/Software Support - Computers, Chromebooks, and Tablets
  • District, Email, and Google Apps Login
  • Wireless and Wired Network
  • Printers and Document Cameras
  • Interactive Spaces and Projectors
  • Telephones

Contact US

Assistant Superintendent Hans Barber 650-590-5930 [email protected]
Data Systems Manager TBD    
Technology Systems Network Specialist Tom Uyeda 650-590-5980 [email protected]
Webmaster SCSD Webmaster – – [email protected]


Technology Infused Learning
Children today are born into a world where digital access to information is commonplace. “Technology” has become a seamless aspect of their normal way of interacting with the world. Access to technology, both hands-on and digital, is not enough. The ubiquitous infusion of technology fosters a need for developing students’ Technological Literacy. The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) states, “In order to be a technologically literate citizen, a person should understand what technology is, how it works, how it shapes society and in turn how society shapes it. Moreover, a technologically literate person has some abilities to “do” technology that enables them to use their inventiveness to design and build things and to solve practical problems that are technological in nature.”

San Carlos School District is committed to fostering Technological Literacy in our students as well as providing robust 21st Century learning environments where students seamlessly employ digital tools as part of their in and out of class work. SCSD has adopted the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world.