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San Carlos District Calendar

The SCSD Calendar is the official calendar for the school year for all schools and includes all start and end dates, official holidays, and in-service teacher workdays. Download a paper version of the calendar here - 2023-2024 San Carlos School District Calendar

Subscribing to School/District Calendars

Never miss a school event again! You can subscribe to your school's and the SCSD calendar so that the events will load onto your favorite supported calendar program (iCal/Outlook, Google, or Download ICS).
  1. Go to our SCSD Events page,
  2. Check the boxes for the calendars you want to subscribe to (school(s)/district),
  3. Click on Subscribe on the top right of the page and choose your preferred calendar program
We partner with Parent Venture for many caregiver learning opportunities, and as a District, we offer topics of interest to our families, as well.  You can view past Parent Venture sessions on their website.  If there is something you want to learn about or explore in an educational opportunity and it's not listed, please reach out! [email protected]
September 1, Fire Safety and Prevention
September 8, Designing for Inclusion and Belonging
September 14, How to Raise Awe-Filled Kids
September 22, The Upside of Stress
September 29, How to Help Kids Develop Their Emotional Vocabulary
October 6, Learning by Heart: Creating Innovation Ready Students
October 13, The Stolen Year: How Covid Changed Children's Lives, and Where We Go Now
October 18, Foro de Padres #22  - Padres que promueven y establecen límites y reglas
October 19, Fentanyl Prevention Education
October 25, How to They/Them: A Guide to Nonbinary Pronouns and Gender Fluidity
October 26, Raising a Well-Balanced Student: Avoiding a Culture of Stress
November 2, Cannabis Use: The Role of Parents and Community in Prevention
November 3, Friends vs Followers: Friendship Dynamics in the Age of Social Media
November 10, Grounded Hope: Why Hope Is Important in Times of Stress and Loss
November 15, Cómo ser padres intencionales - Foro de padres #23
November 30, Why Teen and Tween Sleep Matters, and How Parents and Schools Can Help
December 1, Building Resilience Through Mindfulness
December 7, Relationship Resilience: Preparing Young People for Healthy Relationships
December 8, Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It
December 14, East Palo Alto Community Building
January 10, Metas de Año Nuevo Para Mejorar las Relaciones Familiares - Foro #25
January 11, How to Bring Gratitude and Positive Practices Into Your Home
January 18, Radical Inclusion: Understanding Visible and Invisible Differences
January 31, Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Child
February 7, Preventing Eating Disorders in Your Kids
February 9, Her Honor: A Conversation with Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell
February 10, What Does Health, Wellness, and Safety Look Like at SCSD?
February 21, When You Wonder, You're Learning: Mr. Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Kids
March 1, Conscious Parenting: Building Stronger Relationships with Your Child/Teen
March 9, The Power of Quiet Leadership: Setting the Stage for Introverts to Thrive
March 15, 4 Insights from Child Development that Made Me a Better Parent
March 16, Cyberbullying and Social Media: The Role of Parents, Youth, and Community
March 22, The Future of Youth Mental Health: Building Resilience in a Connected World
March 28, Resilience and Risk: How Culture Shapes Close Relationships and Health
*check back for dates and times April-June.  Several district offerings are in works.*
Bold indicates a district offering.