Strategic Plan


On June 20, 2013, the San Carlos School Board passed a groundbreaking Strategic Plan that examines how to re-think public education for the 21st Century. This plan outlines the vision, strategy, direction and goals of SCSD and was created over a period of two years in collaboration with District staff and community members. While it is written as a five-year plan, it is intended to be an evolving, living document, and so will be reviewed and altered annually, as appropriate.

In October 2015 the Board unanimously approved revisions to the Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan is accompanied by the District’s Facility Master Plan along with the Implementation Plan and various school site plans. The Strategic Plan is centered around three main pillars:
1. Developing and delivering innovative and engaging curriculum and instruction
  • Implementing Common Core standards and leveraging powerful 21st century approaches such as blended learning, technology-infused project based learning, STEM, and design and innovation learning
  • Creating greater emphasis on a relevant, real-world, global curriculum with expanded choices and electives, — with a continued emphasis on the arts — integrating environmental stewardship, equity and justice, and related topics into the curriculum and an expansion of physical, social, and emotional wellness programs.
  • Focusing on problem-solving, collaboration, critical-thinking skills with a personalized approach to learning that ignites students’ passions.
  • Experimenting with “blurring the lines of time and place” so that the community becomes the classroom.
2.  Leveraging human capital to support staff as 21st century educators
  • Pursuing a path to more greatly professionalize the role of the educator by providing a greater level of autonomy, responsibility, and support
  • Building robust professional development for staff, creating time for collaboration, using professional learning communities, and having social-based forums for staff collaboration
  • Expanding the definition of “educator” to include larger community-based and worldwide resources, including parents, other community members, and experts from afar, all integrated into the curriculum.
  • Establishing a new system of evaluation for all staff based on professional growth, coaching and mentoring
  • Creating a new system of career paths, roles, and compensation that reflect the professional nature of our staff and the reality of our borderless environment
3. Building learning environments that reflect, support, and sustain 21st century learners
    • Implementing the Facilities Master Plan, which includes the building of two new schools with flexible learning and collaboration spaces for students and educators
    • Establishing learning spaces as sustainable and natural environments
    • Ensuring spaces have robust technology infrastructure and flexibility to provide capacity for one-to-one computing and a platform for district wide collaboration and sharing
Click here to download the complete Strategic Plan.