School Boundaries


The San Carlos School District values equity among its schools and has a system where students receive an equally excellent education regardless of which school they attend. The District also believes that this system of neighborhood schools promotes maximum parent involvement. The San Carlos Charter Learning Center is a K-8 school and is open to all students in the District and placement is determined by lottery.

Below is a chart outlining the progression of schools throughout a student’s experience in the District:

School Path

For a map illustrating neighborhood zones for the four elementary schools, download the district map by service area:

You can also look up your street address to verify the school you are zoned for by visiting the
My School Locator

Although the District discourages this practice, students are allowed to request enrollment in a school other than their neighborhood school. In such a case, the District has adopted specific enrollment preferences that give priority to those students living within a neighborhood school zone as well as preferences for siblings, children of employees, etc. Read about the SCSD Enrollment Preferences for details.