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School Boundaries

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To verify if you live within the San Carlos School District boundaries, click on the School Locator button and enter your address. If your residence falls within the boundaries of SCSD you will be advised which schools you are zoned to.
Please note that the school district boundaries are not identical to the civic boundaries of the City of San Carlos. Once you are registered we will confirm which school you are assigned. We cannot guarantee you would be assigned your home school. This is always dependent on spots being available at the time of registration. If your home school is full you would be overflowed to one of our other elementary/upper elementary/middle schools.


Progression of schools throughout a student’s experience in SCSD

SCSD School Path

*The San Carlos Charter Learning Center is a K-8 school and is open to all students in the SCSD. Placement is determined by lottery. Please visit their website for more information on enrollment as it is done separately from SCSD.

Sequoia High School District
The San Carlos School District is a Pre-K to 8th grade School District. For information on high school attendance areas and registration, please contact the Sequoia Union High School District, 480 James Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94062, phone (650) 369-1411. You can verify which high school you are assigned to here - Sequoia High School District School Locator.