Air Quality Protocols in SCSD

We continue to monitor the Air Quality in San Carlos using www.AirNow.Gov . This morning we start our day with an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 166. We have been seeing numbers in this range throughout the week. With an AQI of 166, guidelines via the EPA state: For all outdoor activities, take more breaks and do less intense activities. Consider moving longer or more intense activities indoors or rescheduling them to another day or time. Watch for symptoms and take action as needed.* Students with asthma should follow their asthma action plans and keep their quick-relief medicine handy.

However, in the SCSD we are going to continue with our “Shelter in Place” protocols today and we anticipate doing the same tomorrow. We allow students to play outside, and conduct “business as usual” if the AQI is 100 or below. Once the AQI is 101 or more, we will move to our “Shelter in Place” protocols, isolating students and staff from the outdoor environment, providing greater protection from external airborne contaminants. If the AQI is over 200 to start the day (we begin monitoring at 4 AM) we will close our schools and alert parents by 6 AM. 

Parents/guardians of students with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, may choose to pick up students early from school or keep their students at home. Absences for this reason or any reason related to air quality concerns will be excused. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting my office at 650-508-7333.

Thank you,

Michelle Harmeier, Ed. D.