Remind Students to Pick Up Lunches

In an effort to live up to our Green Ribbon School District award, we as a district would like to remind you to check your students' lunch orders and remind your children to pick up the school lunches. The upcoming minimum days for Open House and the last day of school, June 14 are the most common days when students forget to pick up their lunches, resulting in hundreds of pounds of wasted food at each school. If you don't think your student will eat their lunch on a minimum day, please adjust your orders. In addition if your child's class has a field trip, make sure you take that into account when you're ordering.

Students who order school lunches are required to take a fruit or vegetable because the National School Lunch Program is trying to ensure all students receive balanced nutrition. Please encourage your child to eat their fruit or vegetable, or at least bring it home to eat later instead of just throwing their unopened packages away. 

Thank you for your assistance.