Spotlight on Excellence🔦San Carlos Education Foundation

SCSD, like all districts, faced challenges during the 20-21 school year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Students and staff needed additional supports during distance learning and in returning to school, safety measures beyond what state and federal funding could support. SCEF supported the district in navigating these challenges by meeting and exceeding its fundraising goal. SCEF contributed the highest amount to date to SCSD to provide the following this school year:

  • Return to School - emerging needs
  • Counseling and Social-Emotional Supports
  • K-5 and Middle School Band and Orchestra
  • Principal Flex Funds for school site needs
  • Middle School Electives
  • PE Programs and Elementary Music
  • Smaller Elementary Class Sizes
  • Technology Devices, Tech Support, and Educational Applications and Programs

Also, through the Fund-a-Need program, SCEF supported science curriculum and training for teachers.  Our community donations through SCEF are providing students access to the Next Generation Science Standards with engaging curriculum. 

San Carlos School District relies on our community donations to ensure our students experience a broad-based educational experience.  SCEF is an important vehicle for this community support. 

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