San Carlos Spotlight on Excellence - First Days of School 🔦

Heather Principal Pam Jasso and Central Principal Tom Domer shared highlights from the first days of school on our campuses. Click on the links below to view the presentations.
  • Building our communities - school-wide and classroom
  • Establishing relationships
  • Establishing routines and procedures in and out of the classroom
  • Learning to be students and classmates again
  • Focusing on SEL
  • Introducing our PBIS systems, school expectations, Colt Cards, Owl Bucks,
    Bear Hugs, and Knight Notes
  • During the month of September:
    • Beginning of the year measurements of current performance in reading,
      writing and math to inform instruction and instructional groupings for
      intervention / small group instruction
  • Continue our focus on SEL
  • Transitions are challenging particularly from elementary school to middle school
  • The quality of a student's transition to middle school sets the course for their educational future
  • What would happen if older students at your school were given the resources, the skill and the permission to help change this ... AND the structure to do it?
  • WEB's main goal is to successfully transition 6th graders by addressing the three fundamental transition needs that every student has: Safety, Information and Connection
  • 8th Grade Leaders act as mentors - go to for support of 6th graders
  • WEB Leaders take part in Assemblies/Rallies
  • Shorter WEB events to connect 8th graders with 6th grade partners
  • WEB Leaders visit 6th grade classrooms