Healthy Schools Initiative Newsletter Now Available

Our local Sequoia Healthcare District continues to support our schools by providing funding for nurses, counselors, and wellness programs that form the foundation of physical and mental health for our students, staff, and community.

You may not be aware that, in addition to direct funding to SCSD, the Sequoia Healthcare District also funds many county and regional programs from which we all benefit. 

I encourage you all to read this issue of the Healthy Schools Initiative Newsletter for information about Care Solace, a FREE mental health concierge service for all San Carlos students and families.  

You will also find a summary of the Outdoor Learning programs SCSD has been cultivating over the past decade. Ask your students what they enjoy about learning outside. Ask yourself what you can do to continue advocating for outdoor learning. Thank your student's teacher for making the effort to structure outdoor learning for a portion of each day.

Remember to check the final page of the newsletter for helpful resources you can access during the upcoming summer holiday.