Rooftop Solar Installation Project Beginning at Tierra Linda & Mariposa

Tierra Linda and Mariposa Schools

As part of the Prop 39 State Energy Grant Program in 2013, SCSD received grant funds from the State of California to implement energy efficiency plans to reduce our energy footprint and costs of energy through solar projects, lighting changes and heating/AC improvements. The grant funds are restricted for these projects and are not part of our district budget. In the summer of 2018, three solar shade structures were installed by REC Solar at Heather, Arundel and Arroyo.


The Department of State Architecture (DSA) approved the Tierra Linda and Mariposa plans and installation is anticipated to begin October 28. Construction will take place over about 8 weeks. We are working closely with the construction company to minimize disruptions to the school day.


For more information on the project, visit the TL website (a Community Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 22)