Currently, SCSD is a Preschool-8th grade school district with seven schools including four elementary schools, one upper elementary school, two grade 5-8 middle schools and one K-8 charter school.  Currently, three elementary schools have on-site preschools (Brittan Acres, Heather and White Oaks) and three sites with Transitional Kindergarten (Arundel, Brittan Acres and White Oaks).  In addition to these current eight schools, the district is designing and building another new “bridge” schools to serve grades 4-5.  Another bridge school is anticipated to open for 2019-2020 school year on the Tierra Linda/Charter Learning Center campus.  For more information about plans to re-design our new schools, please go to Facilities Master Plan.

Elementary Schools (PK-3rd)

Arundel School (PK – 4 – Will be a PK-3 in 2018-2019 school year)
200 Arundel Road
(650) 508-7311
Principal: Ray Dawley
Administrative Assistant: Jeanne Bartkowiak
Brittan Acres School (PK – 3)
2000 Belle Ave.
(650) 508-7307
Principal: John Triska
Administrative Assistant: Dianne Mack
Heather School (PK – 4 – Will be a PK-3 in 2018-2019 school year)
2757 Melendy Dr.
(650) 508-7303
Principal: Pamela Jasso
Administrative Assistant: Karen Sanchez
Heather SPSA Plan
White Oaks School (PK – 3)
1901 White Oaks Way
(650) 508-7317
Principal: Allison Liner
Administrative Assistant: Teresa Williams


Upper Elementary Schools (4th – 5th)

Arroyo School
1710 Arroyo Avenue
(650) 632-8300
Principal: Marie Crawford
Administrative Assistant: Tracey Olazar
Mariposa School (Anticipated opened in Fall 2019)
750 Dartmouth Ave.
Principal: John Triska
Central Middle School (6th-8th)
757 Cedar Street
(650) 508-7321
Principal: Tom Domer
Assistant Principal: Mindy Shelton
Administrative Assistant: Vickie Gamez
Tierra Linda Middle School (5th-8th – Will be 6th-8th in 2019-2020)

750 Dartmouth Ave.
(650) 508-7370
Principal: Steven Kaufman
Assistant Principal: Jessica Blumen
Administrative Assistant: Cori Carpenter

Charter Schools (K-8th)

San Carlos Charter Learning Center
750 Dartmouth Ave.
(650) 508-7343
Director: Stacy Emory
Coordinator of Operations: Quinta Ekong