21st Century Learning


At the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, the San Carlos School District set as one of its strategic goals to kickoff a process of engaging staff and community in a comprehensive set of presentations and discussions regarding 21st Century Learning and global education in order to inform its strategic planning process.  The District has been examining all aspects of what constitutes a “21st Century Education” and what that means for San Carlos.  Although the term is very broad and applied differently by different people in the education community, it comes down to designing an educational experience that will serve children as they grow up in the modern era, recognizing that many aspects of public schools were designed centuries ago.

The San Carlos School District believes that public education has reached a “tipping point” due to a combination of technological advancement, economic and cultural globalization, and economic necessity.  School districts across the world are reexamining every aspect of teaching and learning, including the design of the physical environment to how teaching and learning happens in (and outside of) school.

SCSD is fast becoming a leader in this global movement, and already has demonstrated proficiency in many aspects of 21st Century teaching and learning.  There is much more to do, however, including the need to better integrate technology, improve the physical design of schools, and re-think the organization of the school day itself.

The 2010-2011 school year was devoted to community and staff conversations and research about 21st Century Learning and how we can apply that to San Carlos given constraints faced by state standards, standardized assessments, and fiscal realities.  There were three community meetings held in the Spring of 2012, and the district is currently researching and implementing a number of pilot programs.

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