School Board Appointment Process - August-October 2020


San Carlos School District Board of Trustees

Appointment Process for Selection of Board Member

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Education Code requires that individuals who serve on the Board of Trustees must be 18 years of age or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of the school district, a registered voter, and not disqualified by the constitution or laws of the state from holding a civil office. Furthermore, an individual cannot be a current employee of the District.


Candidate Information Sessions (optional)

Members of the Board will hold Candidate Information Sessions for potential candidates via Zoom teleconference. During this meeting, Board members will explain the level of commitment that Board service requires and will respond to questions regarding the roles and responsibilities of Trustees. Minutes will be taken during these sessions. Interested potential candidates should email Veronica Rickson, Executive Assistant, at to receive the link to participate in either or both of these meetings.

Candidate Information Sessions

    • Tuesday, September 1 - 7:00 - 8:00 pm
    • Wednesday, September 9 - 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Application Process

Individuals interested in being considered for an appointment to the San Carlos School District Board of Education for a term ending December 2022 must engage in the following process:

  1. Obtain the Candidate Information Sheet from Veronica Rickson at
  2. Candidate Information Sheets will include full name, address, and a signed statement that they are 18 years of age or older, a U.S. citizen, a resident of the district and a registered voter.
    • The Candidate Information Sheet must be submitted by 9:00 am on Monday, September 21 via email to
    • Failure to comply with the requirements above may cause disqualification.
  3. The Candidate Information Sheets will be posted with the October 1, 2020 Board agenda and on the district website for public viewing.
  4. Participate in an interview during open session with the Board of Trustees on Thursday, October 1 no earlier than 5:00 pm via Zoom teleconference and respond to questions that reflect the Board’s criteria for selection.

The Board welcomes community input regarding what candidate qualities or factors the Board should consider during the selection process. Such input, as well as letters of support for individual candidates, can be emailed directly to the Board at