COVID-19 Safety Plan & Resources


The San Carlos School District continues to plan, prepare for, and implement its instructional programs and school operations in response to conditions and requirements emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic. In line with state and county public health guidelines, SCSD is moving towards safely reopening our school campuses to resume on-site, in-person teaching, and learning. 

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COVID-19 Safety Plan (CSP)
Student and Community COVID-19 Testing

Please take advantage of the no-cost surveillance COVID-19 testing provided by the San Mateo County Health Department.  

  • Please sign up for weekly testing for yourself and your child. 

  • Contact your health provider for a test if you have symptoms or know you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

  • Keeping COVID cases off of our campuses will keep our in-person learning possible. As a reminder, if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID, we will need to transition that cohort back to distance learning for at least two weeks to avoid spreading the virus. 

  • Sign up at one of the following locations to begin your regular weekly testing:

Superintendent Communications
To view communications that have been sent to parents since the beginning of the pandemic, please visit our Superintendent page here.
Board Briefs
To learn more about the Return to School Procedures Plan you can review school board meeting agendas, watch the meetings, and read the Board Briefs after the meetings. Click here.
COVID-19 Data Reporting Sheet

Positive COVID cases are reported to San Mateo County Health, per the county's Pandemic Recovery Framework (PRF). Case notifications are provided to the appropriate cohorts and school communities. No identifying details about individuals reporting cases will be provided to the public.

This data is being reported beginning the week that SCSD students returned to campus for in-person learning - Monday, February 22, 2021. This form will be updated weekly on Fridays. This data only includes individuals who were on campus during a time when the county health department would consider them infectious for COVID-19.

*Table is difficult to read on a phone or mobile device. Please visit the webpage from your laptop/desktop.

Week of # of Students/Staff Reporting a Positive COVID Case # of Individuals Quarantining Due to Exposure on Campus* Date San Mateo County Health Notified
February 22 1 7 2/26/2021
March 1 0 0 n/a
March 8 2 54 3/8/2021
March 15 0 0 n/a
March 22 1 14 3/26/2021
March 29 0 0 n/a
April 5 2 0 4/6/2021 and 4/7/2021
April 12 1 11 4/16/21
April 19 0 0 n/a
April 26 0 0 n/a
May 3 0 0 n/a
May 10 0 0 n/a
May 17 0 0 n/a
May 24 0 0 n/a
May 31 0 0 n/a
June 7 0 0 n/a
June 14 0 0 n/a
June 21 0 0 n/a
June 28 0 0 n/a
July 5 0 0 n/a
July 12 0 0 n/a
July 19      
July 26      

                                *Does not include household members

SCSD Return To School Timeline

Phase 1

Staff Transition to Classroom

  • Teachers move back classrooms to teach virtually, learn safety procedures, foot traffic flow, distribute materials and supplies to students, assess students for the first-trimester report cards. 
  • Begin weekly staff onsite COVID-19 testing and begin using symptom screening app “Fever Free.”

By Nov 13

Phase 2

Support Urgent Learners on Campus

  • Principals and teachers identify and provide extra support for a small group of students.
  • A/B small groups formed to prepare for Phase 3 and 4.

By Nov 30

Phase 3

Some In-Person Learning on Campus

  • Continue virtual learning in the AM.
  • Provide optional time for A/B small groups of students to come on campus for social/emotional learning, hands-on activities, instruction, assessment, etc.
  • 6-8 students will attend one in-person session per week in the Red Tier.
  • Connections students will not participate in in-person learning.
See Timeline Below
Grades TK-1
  • February 22-26: Orientation Sessions
  • March 1-5: Some In-Person Instruction Begins
February 22


Grades 2-3
  • March 1-5: Orientation Sessions
  • March 8-12: Some In-Person Instruction Begins
March 1


Grades 4-5
  • March 8-12: Orientation Sessions
  • March 15-19: Some In-Person Instruction Begins

March 8


Grades 6-8
  • We will begin Phase 3 Some In-Person Instruction for middle schoolers with orientation sessions* after grades 4-5 and when SMC reaches 4-7 cases/100,000 people (Red Tier) required by State Guidelines.

March 15

Phase 4 

Full Hybrid Learning

  • Provide increased in-person time on campus as scheduled by TK-3 or 4-8 learning models.
  • Continue virtual learning as scheduled by TK-3 or 4-8 learning models.
  • Connections students will not participate in in-person learning. 



Grades TK-3 - Phase 4 Schedules

  • AM Group: In-Person Instruction: 8:20-10:50, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • PM Group: In-Person Instruction: 12:20-2:50, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • All students: Wednesday, Distance Learning, 8:30-12:30 (minimum days)

March 22


Grades 4-8
  • Two mornings per week in-person, Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday
  • All 4-8 students will participate in virtual learning in the afternoons and on Wednesdays
  • Tentative start date of April 12 pending health conditions and updated guidance

April 12


San Carlos School District Adopted Plans


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