Return to School Plan & COVID-19 Resources


The San Carlos School District continues to plan, prepare for, and implement its instructional programs and school operations in response to conditions and requirements emanating from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In line with state and county public health guidelines, SCSD is moving towards safely reopening our school campuses to resume on-site, in-person teaching, and learning. 

SCSD has developed its Return to School Procedures plan (last updated January 13, 2021) for safely reopening our school sites and beginning to return students.

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Superintendent Communications
To view communications that have been sent to parents since the beginning of the pandemic, please visit our Superintendent page here.
Board Briefs
To learn more about the Return to School Procedures Plan you can review school board meeting agendas, watch the meetings, and read the Board Briefs after the meetings. Click here.

SCSD Return To School Timeline

Phase 1

Staff Transition to Classroom

  • Teachers move back classrooms to teach virtually, learn safety procedures, foot traffic flow, distribute materials and supplies to students, assess students for the first-trimester report cards. 
  • Begin weekly staff onsite COVID-19 testing and begin using symptom screening app “Fever Free.” 

By Nov 13

Phase 2

Support Urgent Learners on Campus

  • Principals and teachers identify and provide extra support for a small group of students.
  • A/B cohort groups formed.

By Nov 30

Phase 3

Some In-Person Learning on Campus

  • Continue distance learning in the AM.
  • Provide optional time for A/B cohorts of students to come on campus for social/emotional learning, hands-on activities, instruction, assessment, etc.
  • Week 1 - Students will be invited to campus to learn safety routines and protocols.
  • Week 2 - Students will begin the regular schedule.
  • K-5 students will attend in-person learning two afternoons per week.
  • 6-8 students will attend one in-person session per week.
  • Connections students will not participate in in-person learning.

When SMC Transitions to Red Tier 2

Phase 4 

Full Hybrid Learning 

  • Staff are reevaluating the original hybrid model adopted in June. We will learn from Phase 3 to inform our plans for providing more time on campus while trying to optimize learning time.
  • Connections students will not participate in in-person learning. 




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  • FeverFree Daily Health Screening App - In order to be prepared for the time when students may return to campus (either for support services, assessments or for more classroom-based learning), we are implementing a daily health screening tool called FeverFree. All students or staff members who are coming to a school or the district office need to complete the health screening at home, prior to arriving on campus. Students who have not completed this health screening prior to coming to school will be sent home. You will receive an invitation to join the FeverFree platform before your child returns to school.
  • SCSD Pandemic Handbook for Distance Learning
    • “Blue Book” - Page 20: Considerations for Students Coming Onsite
  • Handout for Families (English) (Spanish)
  • COVID-19 Recommendations Checklist for K-12 Schools & School-based Programs
    This guidance should be used as a complement to the County Office of Education’s Pandemic Recovery Framework, and will be updated regularly to reflect any changes based on the county’s pandemic recovery planning

  • FeverFree Daily Health Screening App - All students or staff members who are coming to a school or the district office need to complete the health screening at home, prior to arriving on campus using our daily health screening tool called FeverFree. Staff have/will receive an invitation to join the FeverFree platform before returning to school.
  • SCSD Pandemic Handbook for Employees
    • “Green Book” - Page 9: Helpful one-pager
  • Staff One-on-One Nursing Consultation for Health & Safety Procedures Sign-up
  • Staff Personal Contact Log
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Families First Coronavirus Response Act (paid sick leave & expanded family and medical leave) Information 
SCSD Director of Human Resources - Jennifer Smith - 650-590-5922
SCSD COVID-19 Point of Contact - District Nurse - 650-394-6373 work cell
Please only call during working hours when possible


San Mateo County COVID-19 Testing website:


Please consult these (COVID-19) webpages on the sites of these organizations for the most authoritative guidance. 



Personal protective care is one of the most effective ways to maintain good health. has several wonderful resources for families to visit, and of course, CDC has a wealth of information. 

 screenshot of, a good resource for Coronavirus   Screenprint from Talking to Kids about Coronavirus web article

COVID-19 Education Partnership for San Mateo & Santa Clara County School Districts
The Silicon Valley Community Foundation, in partnership with the San Mateo County and Santa Clara County Offices of Education, has established the COVID-19 Education Partnership to expand the local capacity of school districts to address the extraordinary educational and mental health needs of students as efficiently as possible.