Measure N Parcel Tax Information


San Carlos School District

Measure N School Parcel Tax Fact Sheet

March 2020


Background: San Carlos School District (SCSD) is committedto providing an innovative and engaging learning experience that fosters the development of the whole child and maintains the high quality of our SCSD K-8 schools. Exceptional teachers, small class sizes, challenging instructional programs, dedicated parent volunteers, and outstanding science, math, art, and music programs have prepared generations of local children to succeed in high school, college, and careers. SCSD’s goal is to continue that proud tradition. However, the level of school funding provided by the State of California is one of the lowest in the nation, and the SCSD is one of the lowest-funded in the State and in San Mateo County. Local funding helps to fill in the gap. SCSD has tightened its belt, improved efficiencies, and made cuts to limit impacting class size. It has also conducted a full assessment of all local school instructional program needs—including the need to retain the best teachers and maintain core academics for children in grades K-8.


Measure N DEFINED: Measure N is a local annual parcel tax measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot which would renew Measure P with an $88 increase, for a total of $334.60 per/parcel, for 8 years. Measure N funding could be used to support students in grades K-8 by maintaining high-quality educational programs, including math, reading, and writing, and hands-on science instruction, technology and engineering; attract and retain qualified and experienced teachers; and supports art, music, libraries, and a well-rounded education. Measure N requires 66.7% support to pass. All San Carlos School District voters registered by February 18, 2020 will be eligible to participate in the election on Measure N.


Measure N Ballot Question: “Shall the San Carlos School District maintain small class sizes and high-quality educational programs, including maintaining hands-on science, math, technology, and engineering programs; preserving reading and writing programs, attracting and retaining qualified and experienced teachers; and providing art, music, libraries; by adopting a measure adding $88 per parcel to the current $246.60 rate, raising $3,000,000 annually, for 8 years, with senior exemptions, independent citizens oversight, no funds for administrator salaries, and funds staying local to benefit San Carlos students?”


Measure N Summary – Proceeds from Measure N may be used to:

  • Attract and retain qualified and experienced teachers
  • Maintain small class sizes
  • Maintain programs that support bringing all students up to the highest level possible in core subjects like math, reading, and writing
  • Maintain hands-on science, math, technology, and engineering programs
  • Provide art, music, libraries, and a well-rounded education

Taxpayer Protections:

  • By law, all funds from Measure N must stay local, dedicated to San Carlos SD schools only.
  • The State cannot take Measure N funding away.
  • Measure N funding is only for school instructional and educational needs. No funds are allowed for administrators' salaries or pensions.
  • Independent Citizens' Oversight and mandatory audits will ensure Measure N funds are spent properly.
  • An exemption from the tax is available for senior property owners 65 years and older.

For More Information Contact:

Cathy Eitel, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent by phone: (650) 590-5935 OR by email -



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