2019-2020 Parcel Tax Information


Background: San Carlos School District is committed to providing an innovative and engaging learning experience that fosters the development of the whole child and maintains the high quality of our K-8 schools. Exceptional teachers, small class sizes, challenging instructional programs, dedicated parent volunteers, and outstanding science, art, and music curricula have prepared generations of local children to succeed in high school, college, and careers. Our goal is to continue that proud tradition.


We appreciate the generous support from our community. The level of school funding provided by the State of California is one of the lowest in the nation, and the San Carlos School District is one of the lowest funded in the State and in San Mateo County. We need local funding to fill in the gap. Fortunately, in the past local voters have generously supported SCSD with school funding measures (parcel taxes) to protect and maintain the local quality of education.


Measure P – San Carlos School District. This $246.60 per-parcel/year funding supports grades K-8 and maintains high quality educational programs, including math, reading, and writing, and hands-on science instruction; attracts and retains qualified and experienced teachers; and supports art, music, libraries, and a well-rounded education. Measure P, approved for 6 years, will expire after the 2020-21 school year. Measure P cannot be extended without a new vote of San Carlos School District voters.


Without Measure P, some existing local school funding, about $2.2M will expire and disappear from SCSD school budgets. Our K-8 schools will have to make drastic cuts to academic programs, increase class sizes, and maintain only basics.


Our greatest needs for community-supported INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM SUPPORT include:

• Attract and retain qualified and experienced teachers

• Maintain small class sizes

• Maintain programs that support bringing all students up to the highest level possible in core subjects like math, reading, and writing

• Maintain math, hands-on science, technology, and engineering programs

• Provide art, music, libraries, and a well-rounded education


Our school district makes every effort to use resources wisely. We have tightened our belt, improved efficiencies, and made cuts to limit impacting class size. We have also conducted a full assessment of all of our local school instructional program needs - including the need to retain our best teachers and maintain core academics for children in grades K-8.


It is clear we need additional local revenue to fund our core priorities. Accordingly, we are now exploring asking our community to support the renewal of our local parcel tax to continue protecting the high quality of education in San Carlos School District schools.


Any potential parcel tax approved by voters will REQUIRE taxpayer protections. All funds raised would stay local to support San Carlos School District instructional programs and cannot be taken by the State or spent on administrators' salaries. An independent citizen oversight committee and annual audits are required to ensure the School District uses the funds as promised.


Senior citizen homeowners 65 years or older are eligible for an exemption through a simple application process. We do not want this measure to become a burden to those living on a fixed income.


COMMUNITY INPUT IS WELCOME. San Carlos School District welcomes input from our community stakeholders in our study process. We are working hard to identify exactly what is at stake and to keep our community informed to ensure quality K-8 schools for the future.


For more information contact: Cathy Eitel, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent by phone: (650) 590-5935 OR by email: ceitel@scsdk8.org


This information is provided for your information only as a public service from San Carlos School District.

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