Water Lead Sampling Results 2017

Due to the national emphasis on lead in the drinking water spurred by the Flint, Michigan crisis, we worked with Cal Water and Mid-Peninsula Water District, to test lead levels at each of our schools. The testing was conducted according to industry protocol. We are happy to report that samples at all locations came out at non-detectable levels. If you have any questions concerning the testing, or the results, please email Robert Porter, Chief Operations Officer at rporter@scsdk8.org.

School SiteReporting LimitDetection Limit for Reporting (DLR)Lead Concentration
Arundel15 ppb 5 ppbND
Arroyo15 ppb 5 ppbND
Brittan Acres15 ppb 5 ppbND
Central15 ppb 5 ppbND
Charter Learning Center15 ppb 5 ppbND
Heather15 ppb 5 ppbND
White Oaks15 ppb 5 ppbND
Tierra Linda15 ppb 5 ppbND

Note: ND= Non Detected & < 5 ppb (parts per a billion)