In March of 2013 the School Board passed the District’s Facilities Master Plan, which called for the creation of two new 4th-5th grade “bridge” schools, one to be built on each of the Central and Tierra Linda campuses. This new construction, along with the renovations that will take place at Central and Tierra Linda schools (as well as some modernization work at some of the elementary schools), will be funded by the Measure H bond passed by San Carlos voters in November of 2012. Construction has already started on the new Central Middle School, and the work on the new 4-5 school on the Central campus will begin next summer.

The Facilities Master Plan was passed with the understanding that there were multiple options on where to locate Charter Learning Center (CLC). The ideal solution was to find a new parcel of land for the school, but it was always known that it would be difficult to secure such a property and that locating CLC somewhere else on the Tierra Linda campus or on another site in the district was a distinct (if not the more likely) possibility. The School District proposed a land swap with the City of San Carlos, which would have allowed the District to move CLC to a new site up on Crestview Drive. This swap did not happen, as the City Council did not have a 2/3 vote to send a required measure to the voters. Following that, the School Board voted on August 28th to keep CLC on the Tierra Linda campus. However, the Board wanted to gather additional information before deciding the specific location on that campus.

At last night’s meeting, the School Board agreed to locate CLC on the upper section of the Tierra Linda campus, roughly in the area currently occupied by the existing dirt softball field and parking area, Edison Montessori, and the two district Special Education preschool classes and preschool support services. This was determined to be both the most prudent fiscal option as well as the one which best gave CLC its own campus. After the new CLC is built, the buildings currently occupied by CLC would be remodeled to be the new grade 4-5 school. The District is currently finalizing the timeline for site preparation and construction for CLC. As soon as we have this completed we will share the details with you.

There are of course a few open issues left, including determining a new location for the Montessori school and the other preschool classrooms/programs, and there is still a fair bit of work to do in designing new traffic circulation paths around the campus. The Board gave direction to staff to work closely with Edison Montessori School to investigate viable options for relocating them, whether that be on the Tierra Linda campus or at another site in the District. And, finally, the District continues to collaborate with the City of San Carlos, City of Belmont, and Sequoia Union High School District to devise solutions to help ease traffic congestion on Alameda and Dartmouth as well as inside the Tierra Linda campus.

More information on these proposed solutions will be shared in the coming months and we will work to keep you abreast of these and other changes regarding the Facilities Master Plan as they unfold. Please refer to our website for updates.