Please see message below that was sent incoming 5th grade families from Mariposa Principal John Triska on Friday, June 9 2017.

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June 9, 2017


Hello families of next year’s 5th graders at Mariposa, situated on the TL campus.

I’m writing to update you on our planning for next year. I will email you a very complete Welcome Message on Monday, August 14, with more specific information, including an invitation to a Mariposa/TL Welcome Visit August 21, when you and your students may tour the new Tierra Linda campus, find classrooms, see the lunch and play areas, and visit the Mariposa office. Class lists will be emailed Friday, August 18, prior to the Welcome Visit.

When school begins Wednesday, August 23, our Mariposa 5th graders will be in 7 classrooms on the TL campus. We have four returning 5th grade teachers, and three new teachers to our district, who are very experienced educators brought on board specifically to teach upper elementary 5th graders at Mariposa. In alphabetical order, they are Ms. Gina Goulet, Ms. Sarah Koh, Ms. Brianna Lopez, Ms. Rachel Mein, Ms. Lisa Piety, Ms. Heygie Raquinio, and Ms. Carol Scannell. They are excited to begin anew together.

Our Mariposa Office will be alongside the TL offices, attached to the new Learning Commons, where students and families will be greeted by Mariposa’s School Secretary, Ms. Gina Tosetti ( This is where you will sign in to volunteer, check your students in and out of school, drop things off, or visit to meet with me.

We will follow the same start and end times as Tierra Linda. TL Principal Steve Kaufman and I are still working out details, so I will email you again end of June to confirm the times, for your planning purposes. We intend to begin school at 8:30 each day. On M, T, Th, F, we will dismiss with TL students at 3:00. As at all our schools, Wednesdays will be minimum days, and we will dismiss with the TL students at 1:20.

Mariposa students will enjoy a 20 minute morning recess on our own field and blacktop area, and a 40 minute lunch: 20 minutes of eating at our own outdoor tables, and 20 minutes of play time. Mariposa staff will supervise our recesses, and SMART-E and Legarza Noontime coaches will supervise our lunchtimes, just as the students have been used to at both Heather and Arundel.

Mariposa students will receive instruction in self-contained classrooms, much as they did in 4th grade, but with two neighboring teachers collaborating closely to support their students in a variety of groupings. Your children will likely tell you that they have two teachers with whom they work regularly. In addition to instruction in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social/Emotional Learning (the Second Step Curriculum), students will also have PE twice a week, and either Band, Orchestra, or Fine Arts– with TL specialist teachers. These special classes will alternate on M, T, Th, and F. As per TL tradition, the Mariposa 5th grades will also participate in the Choir program. I’m very excited to be part of all of these exceptional programs with your students!

At both Arroyo (our district’s first 4/5 school on the Central Middle School site) and at Mariposa, student progress towards standards will be shared on Upper Elementary report cards, which look similar to those your 4th grade students received this year. Traditional letter grading no longer begins in 5th grade in our district. As for 4th graders at Heather and Arundel, all 5th grade parents will attend parent/teacher conferences in the fall.

If you have questions for me prior to receiving my Welcome Message August 14, please let me know. In the meantime, I hope you and your students enjoy a wonderful summer break!

Best wishes,

John Triska

Mariposa Principal