Dear Tierra Linda, Charter Learning Center and Mariposa community,

Last night, our School Board received an update regarding the TL/CLC/Mariposa Campus Rebuild Project. The presentation focused on the fact that there have been significant delays due to the Department of State Architecture (DSA) project review process.

We expect the Mariposa renovations, the TL modernization, the TL learning commons, and the CLC multiuse room to be complete by August 22, 2017 for the opening of the 2017-2018 school year.  We now expect the GrowthPoint Classrooms for CLC, however, to be delayed until December 2017.  While we acknowledge that this is not our original schedule, we will take this opportunity to move forward with a collaborative and thoughtful contingency plan.

We want our  Mariposa 4th and 5th graders to be together from day one.  With this in mind, the contingency plan includes a space for Mariposa’s students to be in close proximity to each other.  Mariposa 5th grade students’ classrooms will be the existing TL 5th grade classrooms.   Mariposa 4th graders will have temporary classrooms in the new TL Learning Commons and Library.  We will focus on these spaces in the coming months to make sure they are ready for learning in August.  These three spaces are located close to each other with an open-air courtyard in the middle.  We believe this will foster that sense of community that we have always envisioned for Mariposa School.

The wings that CLC currently occupies will have their modernization completed by August.  CLC will move back into these wings at the beginning of the school year, and then move into its new facility when construction is complete no later than December 2017.  This will allow Mariposa to move into its newly modernized wings in December 2017.

Additionally, due to newly added DSA requirements, the Mariposa Learning Commons project has been delayed.   As such, the District will revise its plans to meet these new DSA requirements, targeting completion of the Mariposa Learning Commons by summer of 2018.

We understand that families may feel unsettled by these delays.  We want to assure our community that we are working towards creating amazing learning environments for all our students on this campus.  We plan to look for the opportunities these challenges bring and we know all the students and teachers will be excited to start their year on a new campus.

Mr. Triska and District COO, Robert Porter, will be hosting a meeting for 4th and 5th grade parents on Wednesday, March 15th, at 7pm in the Tierra Linda Library.  All are welcome to come hear the exciting things happening on campus and engage in a Q & A session.

As always, please feel free to contact me at cbaker@scsdk8.org if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you.


Craig Baker, Ed. D.