Town Hall Summary 11-2-17

Below is a brief summary of the November 2, 2017 Town Hall regarding construction delays.

The Town Hall was attended by over 100 community members.  A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  was provided to the community and can be viewed on the website at the following link: .

Chief Operations Officer, Robert Porter, reviewed the FAQ information. Interim Superintendent and Trustee Bergeron facilitated a process to gather community input on the following four questions:

  •      What’s the most important thing you want the Board (and Staff) to know?
  •      What is your biggest concern for you child in the coming year?
  •      How can the Board/District best communicate with you about the progress on our construction projects?
  •      What seems like a positive solution to serve all of our students?

Community shared input verbally and in written form.  This data was compiled and projected in “real time” for attendees viewing.  

To view to the entire meeting, please visit at .

Next Steps

Staff will synthesize and bring back consolidated information for future discussions with the Board.  Administration plans to meet with site staff to solicit feedback as well in the near future.  

A strong desire for future dialogue and deeper planning was shared by attendees.  In addition, the community is seeking additional specific information to a number of questions. We acknowledge that many questions remain unanswered at this time.  However, staff is committed to combing through the remaining questions submitted and to posting concrete information to address questions/concerns as soon as possible.  The Board and staff deeply desires to engage in future collaborative conversations with all stakeholders regarding planning.