On March 14, 2013, the San Carlos School Board passed the District’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP).  The FMP was developed to address enrollment growth and provide a roadmap for building new schools, renovation of existing facilities, creating outdoor environments and introducing new technologies, all in the context of resource sustainability.

New learning environments will focus on creating flexible spaces that can scale to accommodate many sizes, from large groups to small teams to individual projects.  Other elements of 21st Century Learning environments include fewer walls, embracing the outdoors and bringing the outside classroom inside, flexible furniture and space, spaces for hands-on learning and project-based learning, and more.

Specifically, the FMP includes the following:

  • Building two new “bridge” schools, one on each of the existing middle school campuses, for 4th-5th grade
  • Removing 5th grade from Central and Tierra Linda and renovating both middle schools as per the design elements above
  • Removing 4th grade from each of the existing four elementary schools (ArundelBrittan AcresHeather, and White Oaks)
  • Re-locating Charter Learning Center from the Tierra Linda campus to an as of yet undetermined site
  • Doing other renovations, including safety and technology upgrades, at all sites
  • Investing in sustainable energy sources, materials, and programs throughout the district

The passage of Measure H provided funds to accomplish a substantial amount of work outlined in the plan and a Citizens Bond Oversight Committee has been appointed to ensure the proper expenditure of bond funds.  However, the Facilities Master Plan is intended to be a roadmap that encompasses plans beyond what Measure H can fund.

The District has designated a design team of administrators and teachers who are working to build the curriculum, structure, and personnel model of the new bridge schools with a goal to ensure that the physical design of the schools aligns with the curricular design.

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To view the complete FMP, click here.

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For a background narrative and timeline of the Facility Master Plan (FMP) as of April 2017 (click here

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For a status of key Facilities Master Plan (FMP) projects as of September 2015 (click here

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Facilities Master Plan Update

Robert Porter, Chief Operating Officer, presented an update of the San Carlos School District’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP) at the August 27, 2015 Board Meeting.  

Two major projects were completed in time for the new school year:

  • Newly constructed Central Middle School
  • Heather Elementary School Multi-Use Room modernization 

Projects to be completed over the next two years include:

  • Arroyo School (August 2016)
  • Tierra Linda Middle School modernization (August 2017)
  • Dartmouth School (August 2017)
  • Charter Learning Center (August 2017)  

The Board also received an update on the FMP budget. To view any of the documents or to watch the video visit Agenda Online.  


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On March 14, 2014, the Board of Trustees adopted the San Carlos School District Facilities Master Plan which is posted on the District’s website at www.scsdk8.org.  Funding for this plan is made possible predominately through the $72 million Measure H Facilities Bond that was passed by the voters last November.  Key elements of the plan include:

  1. Complete renovation and modernization of Central Middle School and additional work at Tierra Linda Middle School (both of which will become grade 6-8 schools):
  2. Construction of two new grade 4-5 schools built adjacent to the middle schools; and,
  3. Upgrades to all schools to ensure they reflect environments that support and sustain 21st Century learners.

The timetable for these projects is as follows:


                                                                                CONSTRUCTION                     OCCUPIED                            

SCHOOL                                                                    BEGINS                                        BY  


Central Middle School                                             Summer 2014                                        Fall 2015

Tierra Linda Middle School                                   Summer 2014                                        Fall 2015

New 4-5 School Arroyo (CMS)                              Summer 2015                                        Fall 2016

New 4-5 School Dartmouth (TL)                          Summer 2016                                        Fall 2017

Heather Multi-Use Room                                       Summer 2014                                        Fall 2014

In addition, there will be smaller, ongoing projects undertaken at all the elementary schools throughout the district, starting this summer.  And, the District Office will move to its new site at 1200 Industrial in July in order to allow early preparation for construction at Central Middle School.

One of our first orders of business is design and construction work on the CMS campus.  An important first step for the district is to conduct an Environmental Impact Study and Report.  This process can take as long as 8 months to complete and it requires community hearings and traffic and safety studies.  Design plans will move in parallel with this study so that as soon as the report is issued and approved we are ready to begin construction.

In regards to the CMS site, the District will hold its first community forum on Thursday, June 27 at 6:00 PM, in the CMS Library, 828 Chestnut Street.  The purpose of this meeting is to present and discuss the preliminary design of the new Central Middle and Arroyo 4/5 schools.

Information and construction updates will be posted on the District and School websites so that the community can stay abreast of the latest activity.  We want to thank members of the San Carlos community for their support of these much needed facility improvements to both accommodate the District’s increasing enrollment and create 21st Century learning environments.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments or concerns.  Happy summer!

To view the presentation from this community forum, click here.