As you may have heard, the San Carlos School District Board voted on February 28th to approve a first ever Sustainability Policy.  We have been working on this policy for some time, and we strove to make it as comprehensive as possible, to truly reflect the values of this community and ultimately serve our students better.  Please see the policy listed below.

San Carlos School District

Sustainability Policy

As an educational entity, San Carlos Elementary School District (SCSD) embraces and fosters sustainability as a core value. We commit to taking steps to ensure that our actions and decisions embody environmental education, responsibility and stewardship.  We will pursue an approach to sustainability that balances financial responsibility for the district with the intent of this policy. The district will work together with federal, state, and local entities to promote and disseminate sustainable practices by our students and the greater community.

In this spirit, SCSD will strive to:

Nurture environmental stewardship and eco-literacy across the curriculum at all schools and grade levels, thereby creating a culture of responsibility for environmental protection, including prevention of pollution and awareness of long-term global environmental challenges.  Staff will work with students to develop their understanding of the inherent relationship and interaction of society and environment. Students will engage in real-world projects that allow them to develop rich understandings of energy resources and alternatives.

Develop policies, programs, and systems that incorporate stewardship of natural resources, including:

  • Renewable energy usage and generation
  • Monitoring and conservation programs of energy, water, and other resources
  • School gardens and other hands on learning experiences


Develop transportation programs and practices that incorporate the traffic impact of school programs on the community and promote alternative transportation and practices.


Commit to design and construction of campus facilities that use green building materials and methods, and work to ensure new schools construction and refurbishing of school facilities are in accordance with the Collaborative for High Performance School (CHPS) and the EPA’s Tools for Schools (TfS) Program.

Exemplify environmental leadership by considering environmental, social and financial opportunities and risks in day-to-day decisions, and engage the community in open dialogue about sustainability, sharing insights and models of responsible practice.

Selectively use vendors who demonstrate commitment to sustainability. Preferentially purchase and accept donations for environmentally sustainable office and janitorial supplies, computers and equipment, cleaning chemicals, water fixtures, classroom materials, and fleet vehicles.

Develop administrative and training procedures in conformity with this policy.

Regularly measure and assess our performance as responsible stewards.   Create district-and-site-based teams of students, parents, teachers, and staff to prioritize and monitor effective processes for such purposes as utility use, waste minimization and alternative transportation at each school.

In order to achieve the aims of this sustainability policy, the Board directs the Superintendent to develop practices and procedures that create a legacy of leadership in sustainability across all District schools, including instruction, operations, construction, facilities, land use, energy conservation, and environmental integrity. The Energy and Sustainability Procedures will include goals and guidance for all facets of the District that ensure the evolution of best practices in sustainability.