Riding the bus is a great way to reduce traffic congestion and limit the harmful impacts of vehicle travel on the environment. All students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner, so that every student has access to safe travel by bus. This includes public transportation. Please review these rules of conduct with your student before allowing them to use the bus. Click here for the bus rules.


Fewer cars make campuses feel welcoming, safe and easy to approach on foot. When choosing how students commute to school, families should determine the best options in light of their children’s age and experience.

Please read the brand new Traffic Safety Brochure to find out how to reduce congestion and improve safety during construction on the Tierra Linda/ Charter Learning Center campus.

children-walking-clip-art-walking-away-from-group-4Riding bikes or walking together is fun for students and the exercise can make concentrating in class easier.  CLICK HERE for additional Bike and Walk information. 




SR2S-logo-colorFunding for Safe Routes to School programs is made possible by the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County.  CLICK HERE to learn more.







To learn about SamTrans Bus Route 295 that runs along San Carlos Ave and Alameda De Las Pulgas CLICK HERE.

To learn about SamTrans Bus Route 95 that runs along Brittan Ave, Cedar Street and San Carlos Ave CLICK HERE.

To learn about the new SamTrans Bus Route 61 that runs through the “hills” of San Carlos including Heather Elementary School and Tierra Linda, CLICK HERE. To see a comprehensive list of stops CLICK HERE.

The Route 61 through the hills is a pilot service as a result of a county grant and we are thrilled to have it–especially amidst our construction! There will be growing pains as new service is rolled out and we all need to be patient while SamTrans finalizes times to serve TL, Carlmont AND CLC kids! The school will not issue tardies to kids who arrive late on account of the new bus route. Many of our kids have cell phones and during this time of flux, please create a backup plan with them. Kids are also welcome to use the phone in our office and remember the library is open until 4:30pm. There are also routes 95 and 295 that serve San Carlos Ave and the Youth Center in the afternoon.

7:08AM – one bus Monday through Friday intended for Carlmont zero period + TL siblings of those kids but ANYONE can ride it

7:13AM  – one bus Monday through Friday intended for TL kids but ANYONE can ride it

7:30AM – one bus Monday through Friday intended for straggling TL kids and CLC kids but (again) ANYONE can ride it. THIS LINE’s TIME COULD CHANGE NEXT WEEK based on this week’s ridership.  Stay tuned.

8:00AM – one bus Monday through Friday intended for Carlmont 1st period but ANYONE can ride it

8:50AM – one bus, Wednesday only for Carlmont late start day but ANYONE can ride it

There are no changes to afternoon schedules.

Bus Fare page






Please consider having your students take the bus for school!

New to Riding SamTrans?
SamTrans website offers great resources for teaching kids how to ride the bus.  Check out this short video showing how pay the fare when entering the bus, how to signal when your stop is approaching, etc.

Did you know?

SamTrans has video cameras installed on every bus, and has had great success in shuttling busloads of kids to school in nearby communities. We are working to help San Carlos get in on this great resource!

Fare Information
Information on fares can be found here:  http://www.samtrans.com/fares/farechart.html  

Bus Tokens
Tokens are a great option because kids don’t need to carry cash.
Discounted bus tokens are available at SamTrans headquarters in San Carlos and at Safeway stores in San Mateo County
Youth tokens cost $10 for 10 tokens – a 20% discount over the cash fare. Tokens are sold in packages of 10.


Call SamTrans at (800) 660-4287 or click here to visit the SamTrans website.