Here is a message sent to the TL/CLC/Mariposa community on Monday, March 13, 2017

* * *


Dear Tierra Linda, Charter Learning Center and Mariposa Community,

Last Friday, we wrote you regarding the significant delays the Campus Rebuild Project ( ) was facing due to issues with the review process of the Department of State Architecture (DSA).  In light of these delays, the District discussed with the Board and approved plans for the fall for temporary housing for students affected by these delays.

Since that Board Meeting, we have received considerable feedback from concerned parents questioning the wisdom of the proposed interim plans.  As a result, we have decided to take a step back and reconsider the options that the District had previously examined (many of which were ones our parent community also suggested), in addition to soliciting new ideas that may not have been considered.

To that end, we are postponing the March 15 meeting that Mariposa Principal, Mr. Triska and District COO, Robert Porter had planned to host for parents of incoming Mariposa students.  Prior to rescheduling this meeting, which we hope to do in the very near future (certainly no later than the end of this month), we will convene a small group of staff, School Board Members, and parents from all the schools affected by these delays (Arundel, Heather, Tierra Linda and CLC), to see if we can arrive at a more mutually beneficial solution, whether it ends up being the same one that was recommended to the Board by staff, or one of the other options that was previously considered, or even perhaps something quite different.

I will work with the site administrators and parent leadership to gather representatives for this group and then schedule a meeting with them.  Please note that I intend to invite some of you who shared your concerns with me via email, so that I am sure to include those who had strong objections to the plans as proposed.   As soon as that group has had a chance to meet, we will reschedule a meeting to discuss the plans with all of you who are interested.  And, this time I will make sure I am available for that meeting, as I very much wish to be part of that discussion.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or wish to schedule a time to meet with me and discuss this further.


Craig Baker, Ed. D.