At the June 1st Board meeting, the School Board Trustees along with Superintendent Baker, Assistant Superintendent Doerpinghaus and COO Porter, took time at the beginning of the meeting to recognize and congratulate three outstanding SCSD staff members on their retirement.

With parents, teachers and administrators in the room, the following amazing people were honored:

Marilyn Vandor, 4th Grade Teacher at Arundel Elementary School

Incredibly, Ms. Vandor joined the San Carlos School District in September of 1976 as a 2nd/3rd grade teacher at Laureola Elementary School. She is about to complete her 41st year of service to our community, and it is estimated that she has touched the lives of more than 1,200 students in San Carlos. Raw Dawley, the principal of Arundel, was honored to speak about Ms. Vandor and her incredible career. Mr. Dawley mentioned that he often hears from adults and alumni in our community who remember having Ms. Vandor as a teacher and they often comment on how much they enjoyed being in her classroom. Ms. Vandor skills are varied, from being a leader of the Sutter’s Fort trip for many years to even volunteering to teach a parent class on the new Common Core Math standards. Mr. Dawley recounted how Ms. Vandor is an amazing example of being a “lifelong learner” considering how many processes have changed over the 41 years of her career. Mr. Dawley expressed his sincere belief that her ability to try new techniques and focus on strategies that work are the cornerstones to her teaching style and success.
Ms. Vandor, in her typical fashion, wrote a poem about her retirement. Please take a moment to read her great work.

“The time has come,” the Vandor said,
“To think of other things”
To put away the lesson plans,
And see what retirement brings.

It’s been a fabulous journey,
These 40 years or so,
To be part of some families’ lives
And watch their children grow.

The “dinosaur” will take her leave
From Arundel’s room ten plus four,
And finally say her fond farewells
With memories galore!”

Api Finau, Head Custodian at Central Middle School

Steve Kaufman, former Principal of CMS, spoke in recognition of Api’s 31 years of service to the district. Principal Kaufman related how Mr. Finau is the kind of person who is always there when you need him. There were times, Mr. Kaufman remembered, when students would come back on campus after school had ended worried because they had left something in a classroom that was now locked after the school day. Api would always be there for them, and he would happily help out these young people, giving them access to the room and a sense of relief for being able to get their work. Api has been a constant, supportive presence at CMS, especially these last few years during the renovation and construction projects. Steve spoke on behalf of Tom Domer and Mindy Shelton, the current administration at CMS, in saying they wish Api the best of luck in his retirement.

David Santos, Special Education Para Educator at Central Middle School
David was unable to attend the meeting but School Board Trustees and SCSD staff thanked him in absentia for his three years of service to our district. Tom Domer, Principal at Central Middle School said “Dave was a great paraeducator because he loved being with the students. He has an easy going disposition which lends itself perfectly for educating middle school aged students. Dave created strong, positive interactions with his students and his co-workers. He was well liked and respected by the students and teachers alike. The support Dave provided to the CMS community will be missed.”