Question:  Will either the new Mariposa school or Tierra Linda offer foreign language options for school years 2018 and beyond. We have a 4th, 1st, and preschooler. Our two oldest children are enrolled in French school through Smarte after school. Since Carlmont has a strong French program, we were hopeful that perhaps both Mariposa and/or TL would offer French language (or other foreign languages).
Dr. Baker’s Response:
Dear Ms. Skrable, thank you for writing.  The School Board and the Principals have been discussing this quite a bit over the past 2 years.  The plan at this time is for the two Upper Elementary​ Schools (Arroyo and soon-to-be-opened Mariposa) to offer a World Language “elective” that utilizes an online curriculum, supported by a credentialed teacher, and which provides students an opportunity to get exposure and experiment with multiple languages, driven by their own interests. Once students reach middle school, they are offered a couple of options to continue with language electives. The first of these is to continue with a self-paced World Language model, with online support guided by a credentialed teacher.  The second option is to take Spanish courses that are intended to prepare students to enter high school with sufficient proficiency to take Spanish 1 or 2, depending on assessment results on high school entrance exams.  Finally, if a student starts down the World Language path but later decides s/he wants to transfer to the high school prep path, the schools will accommodate that.  Similarly, for those who start down the high school prep path but later believe the world language option is more appropriate for them, they can make a request to transfer, as well.
​If you have further questions, I recommend you speak with Mariposa and TL Principals John Triska and Steven Kaufman, as they are much more likely to be able to give you details about how all this will function at their sites.
Craig ​